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"It had taken almost ninety minutes for these little fuckers to kick in, but once they had…WOW! I had gone straight past the tingle phase and right into the drool phase. Actually, I had discovered a new phase, somewhere between the drool phase and a state of unconsciousness. It was the…what was it? I needed a name for this phase. It was the cerebral palsy phase! Yes! My brain would no longer send clear signals to my musculoskeletal system. What a wonderful new phase! My brain was sharp as a tack, but I had no control of my body. Too good! Too good!" 

Exerpt from Jordan Belfort’s memoir The Wolf of Wall Street
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Part of Lil Wayne’s Supra Shoe line debuting in 2013. Why not just call them Air Weezy’s because they couldnt look more like the Yeezy colorway.

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